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18歳のとき、オールジャパンダンスフェスティバル にて特別賞(全国8位以内)を受賞。中国政府より招待され日中ダンス交流をした。


退職後はフリーランスインストラクターとして、主にダンスフィットネス・ボクササイズ・ストレッチを、東京(広尾・麻布十番・六本木・恵比寿・用賀・渋谷・神保町・麹町)にて指導しながら、イベントやエクササイズDVD等にも出演。高齢者向けの体操や、キッズにもダンスを指導した。これらの指導経験を活かし”Carrie’s Studio”を東京渋谷にて主宰した。

現在は、カナダのBC州にて活動の幅を拡げ、Online Lessonや現地スタジオでも指導をしている。

指導経験のある大手ダンスフィットネスブランド:Les Mills BODY JAM / Jazzercise / Zumba



My Profile

I started early. My parents put me in a class for learning how to move my body to music when I was two years old.
From the ages of 10 to 14, I was entering into national competitions in my home country of Japan. I received eighth place twice and second place once in all Japan dance festivals during my teens. I also had an interest in Japanese archery and hiking.

In my college years I studied Health Science and Creative Dance and was admitted without entrance examination because of my earlier achievements mentioned above.

After graduation, I was hired by Konami Corporation which is the biggest sports club in Japan.
I taught dance fitness, Jazzercise, Body Jam, kids gymnastics, and esthetic massage. I eventually moved to head office in Tokyo for helping Jazzercise Japan with promotions and instruction. This was when I started to explore a range of other physical activities such as snowboarding, scuba diving, surfing, and wakeboarding.
I eventually left the company so I could work independently. At this time I was teaching dance fitness, boxercise, stretching, kids dance, exercise for seniors as a freelance instructor in Tokyo. I was also hired to perform at social events and in exercise DVDs. This is when I founded “Carrie’s Studio” in Shibuya, Tokyo.

I have done dance and fitness for 25 years and have taught for 15 years.
I have helped many people who want to become beautiful in mind and body.

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